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Mack’s Recycling in Urbana, Illinois is offering the following Scrap Metal Prices as listed on their website

Scrap Prices -All prices are per pound unless otherwise specified and subject to change.

Copper Wire and Tubing (not insulated)

#1 Copper Wire $2.45
#1 Copper Tubing $2.45
#2 Copper $2.35 (Any tubing with solder, paint or severe corresion)
Sheet Copper Clean $1.80
Sheet Copper Dirty $.50 ( Tar, paint, lead or solder)
Red Brass $1.50
Yellow Brass $1.40
Aluminum Cans $.52
Clean Aluminum $.52
Aluminum Siding $.52
Clean Brass Auto Radiators $1.20
Stainless Steel $.50
Aluminum Copper Radiators $1.10
Auto Batteries $3.00 Each
Scrap Metal $.06.5 $130.00 per ton
Prepared Iron $.07 $140.00 per ton

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