Homescrap-metal-pricesAuto and Car Body Shredder Machines

In order to make the most money on auto and car body scrap you need the right auto shredder.  As ststed on their website – Wendt Corporation’s automobile shredders are setting new world standards for efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. They also offer reduced energy consumption while producing clean, high-density scrap at optimum tonnages.

Wendt Corporation’s line of auto shredder systems include:
Model 60 Shredder (1000-2000 HP)
Model 80 Shredder (2000-3000 HP)
Model 98 Shredder (3000-4000 HP)
Model 84/88 HEAVY Shredder (3000 – 5000 HP)
Model 106/110 HEAVY Shredder (4000 – 7000 HP)
Model 130/134 HEAVY Shredder (6000-10000 HP)

Wendt Corporation’s Automobile Shredder Support equipment includes:

Shredder Duty Infeed Conveyors
Shredder Enhancements
Motors & Drive Systems

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