Homescrap-metal-pricesWorld Scrap Metal Prices Update – Copper Down, H1 Price Flat

Here is your world scrap metal prices report for May 4 2012

Universal Recycling & Scrap Iron reports the following copper scrap metal prices:

Copper � Scrap Prices USD per LB
#1 Bussbar $3.10
Bare Bright $3.10
#1 Copper $2.97
#2 Copper $2.78
Light Copper $2.70
Plated Copper $2.85
High Grade � Wire 75% $1.87
Reg Wire � 50-55% $0.97
Low Grade Wire $0.42
Xmas Light � Wire $0.27

US H1 scrap average prices keep flat for consecutive two weeks

Yieh reports, the average prices of the US�s H1 scrap in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Philadelphia were at US$399.17/long ton on April 30th, 2012, keeping unchanged from a week earlier and remaining flat for consecutive two weeks.

Among them, the average H1 scrap prices in Pittsburgh were at US$389.50/long ton, that in Chicago was at US$404.5/long ton and that in Philadelphia was at US$403.5/long ton, all keeping unchanged from the previous week.

In the given period of time, the average H1 scrap in New York, Boston, and Houston remained unchanged at US$367.5/long ton, remaining unchanged from a week earlier.

In other scrap metal news:

Turkey continues to buy US scrap

Recently, the Turkish buyers are active in the international scrap market reports Yieh.

It�s said that the Turkish buyers currently made deals with the US scrap suppliers and the transaction prices of the HMS 80:20 (1&2) are at US$450~US$455/ton C&F. The Turkish steel mills have increased the scrap purchase for stockpile. Meanwhile, they have turned to purchase the scrap from the US suppliers since the Euro have appreciated against the US dollar sharply. It�s known that a large-scale scrap trader in the US currently made deals with Turkish buyers for 100,000~120,000 tons of scrap with the transaction prices of US$450~US$455/ton C&F.

In addition, the scrap prices in the Eastern America have surged by US$10/ton, driven by strong demand from Turkey.

Iron Mike Enterprises in Michigan USA reports following steel scrap prices:
Scrap Plate and Struct 2?x 5?$370.00 gt

Scrap Plate and Struct scrap (unprep)�� $345.00 gt

Scrap Heavy Melt 2?x 5? $310.00 gt

Scrap Heavy Melt scrap (unprep) $285.00 gt

Scrap automobiles (must have title)�� $210.00 gt

Scrap Auto Cast $380.00 gt

Scrap Yard Cast(breakable) $285.00 gt

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