Homescrap-metal-pricesElectronic scrap prices for July 25 – P4 Motherboards at 3 Dollars Per LB

July 25 2012 – Laptop Computer Scrap at $.80 per pound (general reference pricing in USA)

High Grade Board add-on cards, telecom boards Pound $4.25
High Grade Board PC Motherboard/add-on cards, telecom boards Pound $3.70
P4 Motherboards PC Motherboard Pound $3.00
Medium Grade Board B Power board, medium grade circuit boards Pound $0.35
Low Grade Board C-Baled monitor, TV boards – Baled Pound $0.12
Low Grade Board C monitor, TV boards – loose Pound $0.16
Blank Board Blank Board Pound $0.16
CD/DVD-ROM FDD PC CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, Floppy Drive Pound $0.16
Hard Drive Computer Hard Dish, whole unit Pound $0.80
Hard Drive/no boards Computer Hard Dish, no circuit board Pound $0.45
Shredded Hard Drive Shredded Hard Dish (shredded with HDD Boards) Pound $0.35
Power Supplies PC, Server power supplies, Network equipment power supplies Pound $0.35
Power Supplies/Wire cut PC, Server power supplies, Network equipment power supplies Pound $0.26
Keyboards PC keyboards Pound $0.05
PC(CPU)-Complete Whole PC(CPU) computer, with add-on cards Hard Disk, memory, CPU Pound $0.32
PC(CPU)-Partial Partial PC(CPU) computer, Hard disk removed, with HDD,memory CPU Pound $0.30
PC(CPU)-Incomplete Incomplete PC(CPU) w/ at least motherboards, CD/FDD, Power supplies Pound $0.25
Server – Complete Whole Computer server w/ all components Pound $0.30
Server – Partial Partial server w/ at least mainboards, add-on cards, power supplies Pound $0.28
Switchs and Hubs network switches,routers,hub, firewall…. Pound $0.45
External Modem external modem, DSL/ADSL/Cable modems Pound $0.45
UPS Pound $0.18
Laptop Computer scrap Laptop scrap Pound $0.80
LCD Monitors Desktop LCD Monitors , All sizes Unit $2.00
LCD Panels LCD panels from laptops, LCD monitor, all sizes Unit $1.00

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