Homescrap-metal-pricesFerrous Scrap Metal Prices in IA Show Prepared No 1 Steel at 130 Per Ton

October 3 2012 Prepared #1 Steel at $145 per ton shown in Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices from P & L Recycling | 2261 Church St. | Weldon, IA 50264 | (641) 342-6459

Per Ton
Shred $130
Farm Equipment $130
Prepared #1 Steel (1/4’x3’x2’) $145
Prepared #2 Steel (1/8’x3’x18”) $135
#1 Cast Iron $170
#2 Cast Iron $130
Dirty Auto Motors $130
White Goods (must be totally torn apart – No whole appliances. Refrigerant, compressors, capacitors & thermocouples must be removed – no trash) $100
Unprepared Steel $120
Woven & Barb Wire $100
Combines/Oversized Equipment $95
Industrial Equipment $75
Whole Car Bodies (must have valid title, junking certificate or authority to demolish paperwork BEFORE payment ! Fuel tanks and batteries must be removed. Cannot have excess glass or plastic and no garbage!) $140

As of AUGUST 1, 2010

Any fuel tank left on or in the vehicle is subject to a $5 fee for us to remove it. Also, No loose scrap is allowed in the vehicles. It must be separated so it can be bought separately. Same thing goes for appliance metal. It HAS to be separate.


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In other news:

Iran’s steel product exports surge by 176% in first four months

Iran’s exports of steel products surged substantially by 176% from a year earlier in the first four months of current Iranian calendar year.

According to an official of the Iranian Steel Producers Association, the country’s import of crude steel and other steel products have fallen by 25%.

Meanwhile, two new steel plants will be built in Iran by the end of the current Iranian calendar year. One will be located in Fars Province and the other one will be in the north of the country.

Source: Yieh

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