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March 5 2013

Are scrap prices going to go up.  According to an article at YIEH, United States scrap prices are expected to rise in March 2013

It’s reported that the US scrap prices are expected to rise by US$10~US$30/long ton in March after falling in February. In February, the US scrap prices decreased by US$10~US$20/long ton due to sluggish demand. At present, the scrap in circulation in Eastern America is low. Furthermore, the scrap in circulation in certain areas in the Western and Eastern America has been suspended due to blizzard. As such, it is expected that the US scrap prices would increase by US$10~US$30/long ton in March.

We received some reference sccrap pricing from our sources as follows:

Copper Scrap Prices USD per LB
#1 Bussbar $3.01
Bare Bright $3.01
#1 Copper $2.83
#2 Copper $2.64
Light Copper $2.69
Plated Copper $2.81
High Grade Wire 75% $1.79
Reg Wire 50-55% $0.97
Low Grade Wire $0.39
Xmas Light Wire $0.29

Steel USD per 100 LB
P&S 5′ and under $11.70
P&S Unprepared $9.95
#1 HMS $11.20
#1 HMS Unprepared/Cast $9.95
Torchable $8.70
Light Iron $9.45
Cars $9.45
Steel BX Wire $0.18


In the midwest as reported by Iron Mike , steel scrap pricing is as follows

Scrap #1 Busheling  $260.00 gt

Scrap #1 Baling   $260.00 gt

Scrap Plate and Struct 2’x 5′ $270.00 gt

Scrap Plate and Struct scrap (unprep) $245.00 gt

Scrap Heavy Melt 2’x 5′ $240.00 gt

Scrap Auto Cast $260.00 gt

Scrap Sheet Iron $170.00 gt

Scrap Engine Block (clean) $265.00 gt

Scrap Engine Block (dirty) $250.00 gt


Japan Scrap Metal news – Yieh website also reports that the average prices of Japanese H2 scrap in Kanto, Central and Kansai region were at ¥32,743/ton in the fourth week of February, increasing by ¥1,101/ton from a week ago.

Also, the Japanese H2 scrap average prices have reached the highest level since the fourth week of September, 2011.

Among them, the average price of H2 scrap in Kanto region was at ¥33,833/ton, rising by ¥1,166/ton; that in Central was at ¥30,520/ton, increasing by ¥700/ton and that in Kansai regions was at ¥33,875/ton, jumping by ¥1,437/ton, all compared to the prices in a week earlier.

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