H2 and Copper Scrap Prices Update – LME Copper Down $75.25 a ton

May 28 2013 – On the LME this morning, three-month copper was down $75.25 per tonne from its opening at $7,225.75 per tonne.

Yieh reports that H2 scrap prices rise in Japanese Tokyo Bay region.  H2 scrap base prices increased by ¥500/ton to ¥32,500/ton FAS in the Japanese Tokyo Bay region recently, driven by tight supply.

At the same time, the prices of P&S scraps and Shindachi scraps also rose by ¥500/ton to ¥34,500~¥35,000/ton FAS respectively.  Industry sources said that the H2 scrap base prices might continue increasing in the near future.

Universal Recycling in New Jersey reports these copper and steel scrap prices:

Copper Scrap Prices in USD per LB

#1 Bussbar $2.81
Bare Bright $2.82
#1 Copper $2.73
#2 Copper $2.57
Light Copper $2.55
Plated Copper $2.64
High Grade Wire 75% $1.68
Reg Wire 50-55% $0.84
Low Grade Wire $0.34
Xmas Light Wire $0.34

Steel scrap prices in USD per 100 LB

P&S 5′ and under $10.25
P&S Unprepared $8.50
#1 HMS $9.50
#1 HMS Unprepared/Cast $8.50
Torchable $7.25
Light Iron $8.00
Cars $8.00
Steel BX Wire $0.20

Sullivan Metals in Holyoke, MA reports these lead scrap prices:

Miscellaneous Lead .50/LB

Plastic Cased Lead Acid Batteries .31/LB

Steel Cased Lead Acid Batteries .27/LB

Wheel Weights .33/LB

The prices listed here are for small quantities only. For large quantities, please call the recycler. All prices are subject to change at any time based on market conditions. Prices are a best effort estimate and should not be used as a quotation.