Scrap Recycling Prices Update – Steel Scrap Down $10 per ton

June 17 2013

Here is a roundup of scrap metal prices across the country:

Iron Mike Enterprises

Ni Solids (clean)  $5.00 lb
304 (18-8) $0.42 lb
316 (16-10) $0.55 lb
Carbide Insert $8.00 lb
Bare Bright Copper $2.70 lb.
#1 Copper $2.67 lb.
#2 Copper $2.55 lb.

MRC Scrap Metals in Butler PA

#1 STEEL $12.00
P & S $13.00

Mazza Scrap Metals, Neptune NJ
Al Clean $0.50
Al Dirty $0.30
Al Irony $0.12
Al Cans $0.51
Al Shavings $0.15
Strippable Copper Wire $1.50
Copper Insulated Wire $0.75
Al Insulated Wire $0.20
Steel BX Cable $0.14

Yieh reports the following news:

Average prices of H1 scraps in Pittsburgh were at US$329.5/long ton, remaining flat; those in Chicago were at US$334.5/long ton, falling by US$10/long ton and those in Philadelphia was at US$313.5/long ton, decreasing by US$10/long ton, all compared to the prices in a week ago.

Due to the conditions in the market, prices are subject to change without announcement. If you have questions regarding current prices, please contact recycling yards directly.