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This blog is a scrap metal information blog written and edited by Three D Enterprises. For  questions about this blog, please contact me at scrapmetalprices @

The purpose of the site is to provide reference info to people in the scrap metal market.  It  does take time to create all this content, so I do accept paid advertising,  sponsorships, affiliate programs and other forms of compensation.

However – no money will ever impact my opinion on a subject or object.   I accept private advertising from companies I am happy to endorse; you can  see their images in the sidebar, and I include a complementary mention within a  post once per month per advertiser, but that will also be individually  disclosed.

My affiliate advertisers include or have included:

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If you click on their ad or text link and buy something, I get a little  commission.  Unless I’ve reviewed the product and mentioned that they  provided the product to me, none of these companies pays me in any other  way.

I am an affiliate of Commission Junction.  There are  some picture ads in the sidebar and some random text links within posts that  take you to their advertisers.  I get a small fee when you either click or  sign up for a product.  Thanks for doing either of those, by the way!

This sites ads are rotating and only somewhat within my control.    If you see a ad that clearly  doesn’t fit the mission of Scrap Metal Prices and Auctions, please email me to tell  me.  Thank you!

A few companies pay me a fee to keep their text link in my sidebar.  I  have no other affiliation with the companies.

Any sponsored posts will be marked as such, but again, I won’t write a post  recommending for money that I wouldn’t have written without compensation.

I do some sponsored tweets as well, but they will always include the words  “brought to you by” “sponsored” or “ad”.

Some of my integrated campaigns for companies include a certain number of  tweets or Facebook updates about the company, but I always strive to make those  interesting, authentic content for my readers at the same time.