EU and UK Scrap Metal Prices

Selected spot market scrap metal prices for the EU and UK below (LTL and TL)

European Union

Old Mixed Aluminium 483.84 640.38 MT EURO
Old Yellow Brass 1551.13 2589.96 MT EURO
No.2 Scrap Copper 3941.87 4155.33 MT EURO
Mixed Lead 654.61 1095.75 MT EURO
Nickel Scrap 11384.46 15169.79 MT EURO
No.2 Steel 205.94 257.43 MT EURO
Stainless Scrap 1437.29 1906.90 MT EURO
Old Mixed Zinc Scrap 455.38 910.76 MT EURO

United Kingdom

Old Mixed Aluminium 384.73 509.20 MT UK
Old Yellow Brass 1233.39 2059.42 MT UK
No.2 Scrap Copper 3134.40 3304.13 MT UK
Mixed Lead 520.51 871.29 MT UK
Nickel Scrap 9052.41 12062.33 MT UK
No.2 Steel 163.76 204.70 MT UK
Stainless Scrap 1142.87 1516.28 MT UK
Old Mixed Zinc Scrap 362.10 724.19 MT UK


Baled Waste Paper Recycling Prices May 2008

Selected baled waste paper recycling prices in LTL and TL (LTL – less then truck load, TL – truck load) below:

Mixed Paper                         21.38    28.50   ton USD
Mixed Office Paper             78.38    104.50  ton USD
Repacked NewsPrint          77.40    103.20  ton USD
OverIssue News                  96.75   129.00   ton USD
News Blank                        183.82   245.10   ton USD
BoxBoard                             72.56     96.75    ton USD
BoxBoard with Poly           36.29      48.38   ton USD
Waxed BoxBoard               16.93       22.57   ton USD
BoxBoard with Foil           80.00    120.00   ton USD
Baled Corrugated Cardboard 94.50 126.00 ton USD
Waxed Corrugated            23.62     31.50       ton USD
Bleached Kraft                 285.00    380.00   ton USD
Colored Kraft                      99.75     133.00 ton USD


PET Plastic Recycling Scrap Prices

Selected PETrecycling prices (LTL, TL) below:

Loose Mixed PET Scrap0.07 0.13 lbs USD
Loose Colored PET Scrap     0.07     0.15 lbs USD
Loose Clear PET Scrap         0.09     0.18 lbs USD
Baled Mixed PET Scrap        0.12     0.20 lbs USD
Baled Colored PET Scrap      0.14    0.23 lbs USD
Baled Clear PET Scrap          0.16    0.26 lbs USD
Colored PET Regrind            0.20    0.33 lbs USD
Clear PET Regrind                 0.23    0.38 lbs USD
Preconsumer Clear PET Scrap        0.20    0.40 lbs USD
Preconsumer Colored PET Scrap    0.15    0.30 lbs USD
Preconsumer Clear PET Regrind 0.35 0.46 lbs USD
Preconsumer Colored PET Regrind 0.270.36 lbs USD
Clear PET Repro 0.38 0.51 lbs USD

Polyester and Polyester Fiber Recycling and Scrap Prices

Selected Polyester and Polyester Fiber Recycling and Scrap Prices (LTL, TL) prices are below:

Polyester Staple Fiber Scrap (PSF) 0.11   0.22 lbs USD
POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)        0.11    0.22 lbs USD
SOY(Spin Drawn Yarn)                    0.11    0.22 lbs USD
Mixed Recovered Fiber (Polyester/Blends)   0.07    0.13 lbs USD
Recovered Polyester Fiber (Mixed Denier)    0.12    0.24 lbs USD
Siliconized Regenerated Fiber                           1.74    1.74  lbs USD
Non Siliconized Regenerated Fiber                   1.65     1.65 lbs USD
PETG Polyester Colored Scrap                          0.13    0.26 lbs USD
PBT Polyester Colored Regrind                         0.26   0.43 lbs USD


World Average Carbon Steel Prices – Latest Forecasts From MEPS

All MEPS flat products forecasts have been revised upwards as a result of the staggering 200 percent price rise in coking coal contracts. Scrap figures also rocketed during April. Growing imports for most products will not be sufficient to relieve the tight supply situation in the market in the short term. Consequently, transaction values are expected to climb until the middle of the year. However, ordering is likely to be kept to a minimum as credit constraints restrict the volume of material customers are able to purchase. Buyers are also currently unwilling to speculate at such high prices. This could limit the size of the increases achieved by the mills over the coming months. The MEPS – Hot Rolled Coil transaction price is, therefore, predicted to reach $US975 per tonne by the end of the second quarter.

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