Current Scrap Metal Prices Brass and Bronze May 12 08

Selected spot market bronze and brass prices (LTL, TL) below:

Mixed Brass & Bronze 1.13 1.88 lbs USD
Red Brass Solids          2.11 2.81 lbs USD
Red Brass Turnings    0.84     1.69 lbs USD
Old Yellow Brass          1.13     1.88 lbs USD
Yellow Brass Turnings 0.47    0.94 lbs USD
Heater Cores                  0.47   0.94 lbs USD
Aluminum Bronze Solids 1.83 2.44 lbs USD
Aluminum Bronze Turnings 0.61 1.22 lbs USD
Brass Wire Nodules   1.88 2.51 lbs USD
Clean Brass Wire        1.30 2.17 lbs USD
Insulated Brass Wire 0.47 0.94 lbs USD


World Average Stainless Steel Prices – Latest Forecasts From MEPS

Our forecasts have been revised upwards slightly as ferrochrome and scrap prices continue to soar. Further rises in transaction values are likely over the next two months as mills recover these escalating costs. Declining nickel prices will not be enough to offset the increases from the other alloying elements. Austenitic alloy surcharges gains in North America and Europe of between $US200 and $US535 per tonne over the next two months are predicted, with no significant drops anticipated until after the Summer holiday period. Stainless selling figures for cold rolled coil type 304 are expected to top $US4900 per tonne by the end of the second quarter, with type 316 values moving above $US7500 per tonne. The market outlook is uncertain from July onwards. Although, prices should remain high through the majority of the third quarter due to the increased raw material costs. For remaining portion of article go to MEPS

Scrap Metal Prices for Rail and Railcar May 10, 2008

Selected rail and railcar scrap metal prices (LTL, TL) below:

Scrap Railcar Wheels 361.80   402.00 ton USD
Scrap Railcar Axles    361.80   402.00 ton USD
Scrap RailCars            397.98   442.20 ton USD
Mixed Scrap Rail      434.16    482.40 ton USD
No.1 Scrap Rail         488.43    542.70 ton USD
No.2 Scrap Rail        470.34     522.60 ton USD
No.3 Scrap Rail       452.25     502.50 ton USD
No.4 Scrap Rail      434.16     482.40 ton USD


Current Scrap Metal Prices for Copper – May 8 2008

Select scrap copper metal prices are provided below (spot market prices in LTL, TL)

No.1 Heavy Scrap Copper 3.32 3.47 lbs USD
No.2 Scrap Copper 2.93 3.08 lbs USD
Light Scrap Copper 2.54 2.69 lbs USD
No.1 Bare Bright Copper Wire 3.39 3.54 lbs USD
No.1 Copper Wire Scrap 3.24 3.39 lbs USD
No.2 Copper Wire Scrap 2.93 3.08 lbs USD
No.1 Insulated Copper Wire 1.68 1.93 lbs USD
No.2 Insulated Copper Wire 1.01 1.16 lbs USD
No.3 Insulated Copper Wire 0.67 0.77 lbs USD

For more prices see the non ferrous or base metals page on this website

Scrap Metal Prices – Automotive Scrap May 7 2008

selected spot market prices forcars and parts scrap in (LTL , TL) below: 
Whole Prepared Car Bodies60.30     100.50 ton USD
Flattened Car Bodies 72.36     120.60 ton USD
Green Car Bodies 144.72    241.20 ton USD
Unclean Motor Blocks 160.80    201.00 ton USD
Clean Motor Blocks 321.60    402.00 ton USD
Automotive Cast Iron Scrap   321.60    402.00 ton USD
Scrap Steel Wheel Rims  241.20   321.60 ton USD