Current scrap metal prices throughout the United States and Canada – As of July 18, 2015

Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices

#1 Busheling $210 gt
#1 Baling $140 gt
#2 Baling $120 gt
Plate and Struct 2’x 5′ $150 gt
Plate and Struct scrap (unprep) $130 gt
Heavy Melt 2’x 5′ $140 gt
Heavy Melt scrap (unprep) $120 gt
Junk Cars/ automobiles (must have title) $100 gt
Auto Cast $200 gt
Yard Cast(breakable) $80 gt
Sheet Iron $100 gt
Engine Block (clean) $90 gt
Engine Block (dirty) 100 gt
Punchings $150 gt
Borings $80 gt
Aluminum Bearing Steel(smelter ready) $0.10 lb
Machinery (high yield cast) $90 gt
Racks and Bins $90 gt
Random length rail (W/docs) $110 gt

Prices courtesy Iron Mike Enterprises, 12844 Greenfield Rd. Detroit, Michigan 48227 | 1.877.476.6645

Remember to always sort your ferrous scrap metals from your non-ferrous scrap metals to get the best scrap metal pricing.

Copper Scrap Metal Prices
Bare Bright Copper $2.21/LB
#1 Copper $2.15/LB
#2 Copper $2.05/LB
#2 Communications Wire (Cat 5) .71/LB
Insulated Copper Wire 1.95/lb

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices –
Clean Aluminum Based Scrap .56/lb
Radiators (auto & truck) 1.45/lb
Stainless Steel .30 – .42/lb
Lead .45/lb
Batteries 0.25/lb
Auto Catalytic Converters – $100 – $200 each
Electric Motors $0.15/LB
Old Sheet Aluminum $0.35/LB
Stainless (304) $0.28/LB

Ship Breaking Scrap Metal Prices

For week 24 of 2015, GMS demo rankings for the week are as below:


Demo Ranking Country Market Sentiment GEN CARGO




1 India Weak USD 360/lt ldt USD 390/lt ldt
2 Bangladesh Weak USD 355/lt ldt USD 385/lt ldt
3 Pakistan Weak USD 350/lt ldt USD 380/lt ldt
4 Turkey Steady USD 245/lt ldt USD 255/lt ldt
5 China Steady USD 200/lt ldt USD 215/lt ldt