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Bronze and Brass Scrap Metal Recycling Prices

Selected spot market scrap metal prices for brass and bronze below (LTL, TL): 

Mixed Brass & Bronze 1.15 1.91 lbs USD
 Refinery Brass 0.76 1.52 lbs USD
 Red Brass Solids 2.15 2.86 lbs USD
 Red Brass Turnings 0.85 1.71 lbs USD
 Old Yellow Brass 1.15 1.91 lbs USD
 New Brass Clips 1.72 2.29 lbs USD
 Yellow Brass Turnings 0.47 0.95 lbs USD
 C Metal 1.42 2.36 lbs USD
 C&F Metals (cocks & faucets) 1.05 2.10 lbs USD
 Clean Auto Radiators 0.80 1.33 lbs USD
 Unclean Auto Radiators 0.57 1.14 lbs USD
 Heater Cores 0.47 0.95 lbs USD
 Aluminum Bronze Solids 1.86 2.48 lbs USD
 Aluminum Bronze Turnings 0.62 1.24 lbs USD



US transaction prices continue to spiral upwards, although recent increases are more moderate. Nucor has announced a relatively small rise of $US30 per ton for August deliveries. Service centres are keeping inventories at minimum levels as their sales activity is slow. End-users, who are suffering because of the weakening economic climate, are maintaining very low in-house stocks and purchasing only for their immediate needs. Nevertheless, supply is vastly reduced. There is a lack of imports, caused in part by high sea freight rates and a weak US dollar.

The Canadian mills report that order intake is still strong and that they are operating at full capacity, despite concerns over manufacturing industry suffering due to high steel costs. Imports and future permits for overseas steel remain low and this reduced pressure has helped the local producers. Distributors’ inventories are declining. Steelmakers expect that steel values will climb even further as the scrap situation fully impacts the market.

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Production cost may lift aluminium prices

NEW DELHI: Rising energy prices may push up aluminium prices to new heights across the globe.

According to analysts, however, rising production and stocks and slowing demand may not allow the commodity keep the lofty levels for long time.

The metal used in power, transport and packaging hit a four-month high of $3,229 a tonne on Thursday, less than $100 from the record high of $3,310 a tonne hit in May 2006.

Market watchers said the cost of production has been exploding in the last few years, mostly due to the high electricity costs. Costs of production will offer strong support for aluminium prices in the future.

Analysts estimate that up to 45 per cent of aluminium smelting costs — around $2,600 a tonne — are accounted for by power, prices of which have been rising around the world.

Some analysts doubt whether levels above $3,000 a tonne can be maintained, given rising production in China and other parts of the world.

Aluminium is actually well supplied. If one looks at inventory levels, one would not see supply tightness, there’s plenty of material available.

Analysts estimate Chinese capacity to produce aluminium this year will rise to about 15 million tonnes from 12 million tonnes last year. Global output this year is expected to total 40 million tonnes.

Stocks of aluminium in London Metal Exchange warehouses have more than doubled since November 2005 to above a million tonnes.  as reported by commodity online

USA Scrap Metal Recycling Prices Rebound From Last Week

US scrap prices rebound –

The global scrap prices have shot up since last week. US’s scrap price also started to climb after previous fall.

In US market, No.1 scrap has lifted slightly by US$8.4/ton to US$506.7/ton on July 4.

Scrap prices remain unchanged for Chicago and Pittsburg at US$495/ton and US$500/ton respectively while price up by US$25/ton in Philadelphia.

News Date 7/8/2008 9:28:56 AM reported by Elaine Chen of YIEH

U.S. Scrap Metal Recycling Prices

Selected spot market Prices (LTL, TL) Below:

Old Mixed Aluminum 0.38 0.50 lbs USD
Old Yellow Brass 1.15 1.91 lbs USD
No.2 Scrap Copper 2.91 3.06 lbs USD
Mixed Lead 0.31 0.52 lbs USD
Nickel Scrap 6.18 8.24 lbs USD
No.2 Steel 311.40 389.25 ton USD
Stainless Scrap 0.91 1.21 lbs USD
Old Mixed Zinc Scrap 0.26 0.51 lbs USD