Scrap Recycling Prices Update – Steel Scrap Down $10 per ton

June 17 2013

Here is a roundup of scrap metal prices across the country:

Iron Mike Enterprises

Ni Solids (clean)  $5.00 lb
304 (18-8) $0.42 lb
316 (16-10) $0.55 lb
Carbide Insert $8.00 lb
Bare Bright Copper $2.70 lb.
#1 Copper $2.67 lb.
#2 Copper $2.55 lb.

MRC Scrap Metals in Butler PA

#1 STEEL $12.00
P & S $13.00

Mazza Scrap Metals, Neptune NJ
Al Clean $0.50
Al Dirty $0.30
Al Irony $0.12
Al Cans $0.51
Al Shavings $0.15
Strippable Copper Wire $1.50
Copper Insulated Wire $0.75
Al Insulated Wire $0.20
Steel BX Cable $0.14

Yieh reports the following news:

Average prices of H1 scraps in Pittsburgh were at US$329.5/long ton, remaining flat; those in Chicago were at US$334.5/long ton, falling by US$10/long ton and those in Philadelphia was at US$313.5/long ton, decreasing by US$10/long ton, all compared to the prices in a week ago.

Due to the conditions in the market, prices are subject to change without announcement. If you have questions regarding current prices, please contact recycling yards directly.

Metal Prices USA – Mostly Lower in June 2013

June 12 2013  – scrap metals have mostly gone down this month so far.  Here are some latest scrap metal prices across the country:

Mazza Scrap Metal – Neptune NJ

Prices per pound:
#1 Copper $2.75
#2 Copper $2.60
Light Copper $2.00
ACR Clean $1.10
ACR Dirty $0.90
ACR Ends $0.20
Brass $1.70
Dirty Brass $0.75
Faucets $0.65
Brass Car Rads $0.75


YIEH reports that Japan’s H2 scrap average prices remained flat – average prices of Japanese H2 scrap in Kanto, Central and Kansai region were at ¥30,978/ton in the first week of June, remaining flat from a week ago.  Average price of H2 scrap in Kanto region was at ¥32,250/ton; that in Central region was at 28,120/ton and that in Kansai regions was at ¥33,563/ton, all keeping unchanged from a week ago.

Fair Salvage Company – Clare Division 2731 E. Grass Lake Rd, Clare, MI 48617 reports Aluminum radiators, stainless, clean wheels, unc extruded, batteries and steel case batteries are down while die cast is up. Some of their current scrap metal prices:

COPPER Per Pound:

NO. 1 $2.80
NO. 2 $2.65
NO. 3 $2.50
INS. #1 $1.85
INS. #2 $1.00
INS. #3 $0.65
Christmas Lights $0.35

BRASS Per Pound:
RED $1.85
YELLOW $1.75
IRONY $0.40

All prices above are subject to change.

New Castle shredder integral in plan for western expansion for Ben Weitsman Scrap Yard

June 2 2013 – A new, state-of-the-art metal shredder and full downstream will be up and running at the new Ben Weitsman scrap yard in New Castle, Pa., in the first quarter of 2014, company president Adam Weitsman announced.

“We’ve spent years building our metals recycling network in western and central New York and northern Pennsylvania into a highly efficient system,” Weitsman, President of Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman, said. “We have ambitious goals for our New Castle yard, and this shredder is the first step in putting that plan of expansion into motion.”

The company expects to spend several million dollars in the region over the next several years to create and develop a new recycling network of yards in Pennsylvania, Ohio and surrounding states.

“It took us years to build up our feeder yard system around our Owego shredder and this new shredding location will be the launching pad of the next phase of our expansion,” Weitsman said.  “We’ve examined the markets surrounding the New Castle facility, and we plan to make several new acquisitions of scrap yards in the region to develop the network of yards to feed the New Castle shredder.”

While smaller than the company’s flagship shredder in Owego, N.Y., the new high-powered auto shredder and downstream built by the Wendt Corporation of Buffalo, N.Y., includes several technological advances to ensure maximum recycling value. These systems include separation technologies to recover wire, plastics, nonferrous metals and other materials such as fines. Recent advances in shredding technology make it possible to divert even more recyclable material from landfills.

“Weitsman is one of the fastest growing and most successful processors within the industry,” said Tom Wendt Jr. of the Wendt Corporation, who Weitsman purchased the new shredder and complete nonferrous downstream from. “His commitment to success is unparalleled; he continually pushes the limits of technology, and that makes him an ideal customer for Wendt Corporation.”

The New Castle scrap yard, formerly Ferromet, was acquired in December 2012 by Weitsman at a bankruptcy auction; the facility, located at 256 S. Jefferson St., will be seeing several million dollars’ worth of additional investment, including demolition of old buildings and erection of new ones, full paving of the facility, and brand new equipment. As the site of the company’s first shredder outside of the flagship facility in Owego, N.Y., the New Castle location provides access to new markets of scrap and steel manufacturing for the company.

With a dozen scrap yards in New York and Pennsylvania, and one of the most powerful mega-shredders in the world, Upstate Shredding – Ben Weitsman  includes a new dedicated shipping and export facility at the Port of Albany, set to open in July. The company was ranked as one of the largest scrap companies in North America in 2012 by Recycling Today, is an AMM finalist for Scrap Company of the Year and, in March of 2013, Upstate was named as one of the top scrap & recycling companies in the world by Platts. The company expects to process 1 million tons of ferrous scrap and 200 million pounds of nonferrous scrap by 2014. The company is headquartered in Owego, N.Y.

For more information, please visit Members of the media, please contact Stephen J. Donnelly at 719-337-8238 with any questions.

H2 and Copper Scrap Prices Update – LME Copper Down $75.25 a ton

May 28 2013 – On the LME this morning, three-month copper was down $75.25 per tonne from its opening at $7,225.75 per tonne.

Yieh reports that H2 scrap prices rise in Japanese Tokyo Bay region.  H2 scrap base prices increased by ¥500/ton to ¥32,500/ton FAS in the Japanese Tokyo Bay region recently, driven by tight supply.

At the same time, the prices of P&S scraps and Shindachi scraps also rose by ¥500/ton to ¥34,500~¥35,000/ton FAS respectively.  Industry sources said that the H2 scrap base prices might continue increasing in the near future.

Universal Recycling in New Jersey reports these copper and steel scrap prices:

Copper Scrap Prices in USD per LB

#1 Bussbar $2.81
Bare Bright $2.82
#1 Copper $2.73
#2 Copper $2.57
Light Copper $2.55
Plated Copper $2.64
High Grade Wire 75% $1.68
Reg Wire 50-55% $0.84
Low Grade Wire $0.34
Xmas Light Wire $0.34

Steel scrap prices in USD per 100 LB

P&S 5′ and under $10.25
P&S Unprepared $8.50
#1 HMS $9.50
#1 HMS Unprepared/Cast $8.50
Torchable $7.25
Light Iron $8.00
Cars $8.00
Steel BX Wire $0.20

Sullivan Metals in Holyoke, MA reports these lead scrap prices:

Miscellaneous Lead .50/LB

Plastic Cased Lead Acid Batteries .31/LB

Steel Cased Lead Acid Batteries .27/LB

Wheel Weights .33/LB

The prices listed here are for small quantities only. For large quantities, please call the recycler. All prices are subject to change at any time based on market conditions. Prices are a best effort estimate and should not be used as a quotation.