ScrapRight Now Offers a Low-cost Recycling and Compliance Software Alternative

February 10th, 2016

ScrapRight Software announces the release of iScrapRight – a brand new, low-cost, cloud-based scrap and recycling software solution for scrap yards and recycling centers to perform ticketing, gain state and local compliance, and run essential reporting. iScrapRight is an alternative to the traditional high cost software available on the market today that often require tens of thousands of dollars and weeks or even months to get started. With iScrapRight you can be running tickets and be in compliance in minutes!

Key features of iScrapRight include the ability to run the software on Windows PC’s, Apple computers, iPads, and many tablets, enabling most yards to operate on their own existing equipment and avoiding a costly hardware investment. In addition to the web interface, a beautifully designed companion iPad app is available for download on the Apple App Store. Driver’s license capture, signatures, pictures of the seller and materials and much more can be gathered making ticketing fast and extremely easy to use. Receipts are printed to Bluetooth enabled printers available for purchase on our website. Your tickets are synced and stored securely to your online account. If you are a Catalytic Converter buyer or if you purchase vehicles and need to gather VIN’s, iScrapRight offers specially designed features that will enable you to easily buy those specific items as well.

iScrapRight sets itself apart from its competitors with superior design and usability, a very low monthly cost, and unlike other cloud-based SAAS competitors, it has the added convenience of an offline mode in its iPad app for scrap buying when an internet connection is not available. Now you can make purchases on the go, no matter where your sellers are located!

Yards can start using the full compliance version of iScrapRight immediately for as little as $99/month. Choose your materials, enter pricing and start right away. Plans and pricing depend on your monthly transaction volume and you can choose the one that is right for you, or grow into higher plans as your business expands. Although most yards will use a PC and iPad along with Bluetooth printers to print receipts, the software is flexible enough to be used on anything from a small mom and pop shop to large recycling centers with multiple scales and hundreds of tickets per day. A CRV-only version of the app will also be offered for free prior to the ISRI convention.

Additionally, if your yard ends up needing more than just ticketing, compliance and reports, (such as inventory management, FIFO costing, and shipping), then our award-winning flagship LAN-based software, ScrapRight Software, can be easily graduated into at a later time, and at a reduced cost.

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